What if there is more to climate change than just the weather?

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Something Lurks Below

by Deven Kane

Rating: 5 out of 5.
By Deven Kane

What if there is more to climate change than just the weather?

The centuries-old warnings of the Forest Prophets have fallen on deaf ears. Caorran, the capital city, has turned its back on the Forest, refusing to acknowledge the environmental crisis. 

Join the investigative reporter and her cameraman, R’chelle and Jaco, as they search for the truth. Caorran is battered by devastating sandstorms, and public dissent is brutally stifled by silver-tongued Senator Adrán.

There’s a lot going on in this book, Kane’s descriptions throughout are deep and realistic, so much so that his description of the dirt and sand actually had me feeling gritty. The characters are easy to follow throughout and their interactions with each other are believable. Having heard so much banter on both sides of the climate change argument, makes this book quite interesting. I definitely recommend Darkwood as a good end of summer read.

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