You won’t stop reading until you’ve uncovered the truth about Sophie!

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The Tens

by Vanessa Jones

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Tens
By Vanessa Jones

Every night since Sophie’s thirtieth birthday, she has been jolted out of her sleep by the same nightmare. The rock nightmare was so repetitive that sometimes Sophie yearned for any other kind of nightmare. It was always the same. Never changed. A nightmare she’d had since she was little. It started off infrequently. Perhaps four times a year when she was a teenager. Its frequency increased over the years, more so when she was stressed. Then, her husband inexplicably vanishes. Leaving only a note. But then she read the sparse words of Alex’s handwriting: I have to leave you. I’m so sorry.

It didn’t take long for Sophie to begin to plummet. It wasn't living alone that saw her change. Sometimes she doubted it was even the fact that the love of her life had abandoned her. It was as if something greater was happening to her. Something that had been threatening to break the banks her entire life, undulating underneath the surface of her skin and she had been clever and strong enough to keep it at bay, really well in fact, until now. Emotional distress had taken off a layer of her armor and now she was exposed without an inner barricade to keep back that torrent of emotional sludge.

Oh, my what a twisty turned book. I felt that the character, Sophia was going insane and I thought I was right there with her. I almost put the book down because hello creepy clown (my phobia), but I kept on reading it. I’m so glad I did. The ending is so twisted…it was a fantastic book. It was done well by Jones. I will read anything else she writes and go back and read anything she has written.

The Tens is a psychological thriller that tackles the theme of mysticism versus madness that won’t stop until you’ve uncovered the truth about Sophie…

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