Proximity – A Review

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The ICHO Wars, Book 1

 by Kevin Alan

Proximity (The ICHO Wars, Book 1)
by Kevin Alan

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Proximity (The ICHO Wars, Book 1)
by Kevin Alan

A Post-Apocalyptic story set somewhere in the future. 

Former U.S. Army Special Forces operative, codenamed Bishop, a scientifically modified stealth soldier/mercenary is wanting to get out of this kind of life so he can be with his son. But before this can happen, he is captured and given an ultimatum by U.S. Army Director of Operations, Richard Ramar. The mission is to infiltrate and retrieve a secret weapon from a U.S. weapons facility taken over by terrorists in the Syrian desert. 

 In exchange for Bishop’s freedom and survival, Ramar makes two requests: assassinate the terrorist leader, and retrieve the weapon inside that facility before it changes mankind’s future… what little is left of it. 

The world building was interesting and new. The characters were beautifully written but flawed which made them easy to sympathize with. It was action packed and exciting. Looking forward to the next book in the series. 

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