Review of The Innkeeper on the Edge of Paris

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A ghost, reincarnation, and love.

By J. Schlenker

Rating: 4 out of 5.
The Innkeeper on the Edge of Paris
by J. Schlenker

This is an interesting story line. A woman moves to France 3 years after a divorce. She is drawn to a centuries-old inn on the outskirts of Paris and begins having dreams about a woman who looks exactly like her but from the 1700s. This leads her to start solving the mystery about the woman. The mystery not only draws in the characters but also had me trying to figure things out along the way. She never expects her stay there will lead to a ghost, reincarnation, and love, not with a Frenchman, but a Scotsman named Daniel. The innkeeper, Claire, calls it destiny.

Paris, who could want more, the descriptions of the city and the Inn create imagery that only add to Isa’s tale. I enjoyed the story and the character development, but couldn’t get into the back and forth viewpoints of Isa and the ghost. Overall an interesting story with some twists and turns

Walk With Me Into the Dark

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