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Not So Friendly Intent

 by Michele Lenard

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Not So Friendly Intent
by Michele Lenard
A Steamy Sports Novel in the Mile High Romance Series

A shoulder to cry on turns into a sweet love.

Elliot Crawford’s engagement ended on a sour note after finding out her fiancé cheated on her. She runs to her best friend since high school, Shane Thomas. It was never anything more than friendship between them. Shane is a sexy single pro quarterback going into the playoffs and best friend to Elliot.

Shane’s teammates think a newly single Elliot will be a distraction, but just because his best friend is hot doesn’t mean he wants her. Or it didn’t, until she dared him to touch her.

Elliot would never want to risk their friendship though… so why did she dare him to touch her? This leads them to start seeing each other in a new light - although it takes them awhile to act on it.

I’ve read some great romance books in this past week. Lenard hits her mark in this one. It was sweet and kind of funny. I enjoyed the quick read, and the characters are believable and developed well through the book. You should definitely read this standalone in the “Mile High Romance Series”. It contains characters that appear again in books 2-5 though it can be read at any time.


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