I Read A Lot in July – Wrap Up

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I read 24 books in July and that was a lot for me, I pushed myself a little but enjoyed every page!

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Skeleton Lake by Andrew Lowe★★★★★Buy
The Descendants by Destiny Hawkins ★★★★★ Buy
The Calling by Destiny Hawkins ★★★★★ Buy
Once Upon an Apocalypse: Journey Home by Jeff Motes ★★★★★ Buy
Beginning of the End an In the End Novella by G J Stevens ★★★★★ Buy
Dark Elements Emergence (Book 0, Prologue) ★★★★★ Buy
Edge of Valor: Edge of Collapse Book 7 by Kyla Stone ★★★★★ Buy
The China Pandemic: Graham’s Resolution by A. J. Shaw ★★★★★ Buy
Beneath The Skin by Kyla Stone ★★★★★ Buy
Edge of Madness by Kyla Stone Edge of Collapse Book 2 ★★★★★ Buy
Bleak (Earth Endures Book 1) by Jacqueline Druga ★★★★★ Buy
Edge of Darkness: Edge of Collapse Book 3 by Kyla Stone ★★★★★ Buy
Edge of Anarchy: Edge of Collapse Book 4 by Kyla Stone ★★★★★ Buy
Edge of Defiance: Edge of Collapse Book 5 by Kyla Stone ★★★★★ Buy
Becoming The Vendetta Trifecta by A. J. Scudiere ★★★★★ Buy
The Apotheon Crucible-The Apotheon Trials by Arya White ★★★★★ Buy
Edge of Survival: Edge of Collapse Book 6 by Kyla Stone ★★★★★ Buy
Love in an Undead Age By A. M. Geever ★★★★★ Buy
Omnicide by Jacqueline Druga ★★★★★ Buy
Fall of Two Blood Brute by Dixon Reuel Book 2 in the Series ★★★★★ Buy
Dark Elsewhere Book 1 by Luke Davids ★★★★★ Buy
Albertan Apocalypse The McKinley Chron. by John Keillor ★★★★★ Buy
The Flu Book 1 in a 2 Book series By Jacqueline Druga ★★★★★ Buy
The Shield and the Thistleby Jillian Bondarchuk ★★★★★ Buy
The Journey of Malchus by Chandra Trulove Fry ★★★★★ Buy

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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