Albertan Apocalypse: The McKinley Chronicles 1

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The McKinley Chronicles 1

This Book 1 in the series

By John Keillor

Albertan Apocalypse: The McKinley Chronicles 1 By John Keillor
Albertan Apocalypse: The McKinley Chronicles 1 by John Keillor

In the year 2031 in Alberta Canada. It is the 12 year anniversary of an apocalyptic event called "The Flash”,  the internet is down, governments are in crisis and many people have died because of this and even more from the cold weather and starvation.

Alberta is one of the only stable societies on the planet. After The Flash like most scenarios the rich people are getting richer but their children behave badly. In fact, they're leading enemy forces straight to them, an overseas organization wanting to build an empire sees this and decides to invade Calgary for its resources. The invading Vladivostor cartel made up of Chinese and Russians, consists of thousands with planes, trains, trucks and busses that are all heading to the city.

Meet the crew, Abraham McKinley, Senior Security Operator. He is the right hand man to the mayor of Calgary, Zubin Mehta. McKinley's son, Zach McKinley, who is back from years of fighting and is awarded more and more responsibility with every successful mission. This adds to the stresses of his PTSD. These combat operators are the backbone of provincial security, and they're being asked to choose between Calgary's mayor and the city's wealthiest families.

They are to surrender to the cartel or they will seize Calgary!

I was rooting for these guys from the beginning. A great read with great characters that make me want to follow these guys to the end. This first book in the series starts us down a path through Alberta that has me wondering which way we will go at the fork in the road, coming in Book 2.


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